Image by Katrin Hauf

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Inside my head - presented on the national television

virtual exhibition 12th - 20th Jan 2022

Memories of Trees

Received a certificate of artistic merit- Luxembourg Art Prize 2021
Medium: Ink, Lokta paper

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About me

My first memory of the creative act was an outdoor drawing with my mother at a kindergarten excursion. I sat on the pink picnic mat on the green lawn and picked up a crayon. My mother took my hand and guided me to draw big grey rocks. My creative journey began. Since then, I could not let go of my passion for art and creative acts. I self-taught drawing, oil painting, graphic design and photography in my spare time.

In 2018, I visited Klimt’s immersive digital exhibition in Paris. I was mesmerised by how digital technology could amplify the art experience - the convergence of art and technology. Since then, I have been exploring the application of technology to art and creativity to create an immersive and unforgettable experience.

I love to soak into nature like the ocean, mountains and woodlands. They stimulate my imagination and motivate me to bring up their voices through my work. I aim to use my creativity as a catalyst for change to reconnect human beings and nature through my work.