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Memories of Trees

Unveil historical events and stories hidden around Hampstead Heath

Since the first lockdown, I stopped commuting to the office. As a result, I had more time to talk with my neighbours and shop owners of the local high street and visit the local parks and the Heath. I discovered many stories about the Heath and veteran trees and felt it was a shame that these stories might be unheard of and disappear even though we were standing in front of a piece of the story.

Then, I remembered the emotional impact of an art exhibition employing the immersive XR technology that I experienced in the past. So I decided to visualise these stories with XR technology.

My proposal for this project was accepted by the ACE-IT programme in December 2021, and I developed a prototype with the support of the London South Bank University team.

Here are memories of trees passed to me from trees in the Heath.

Photo ©Tomomi Tomlin

Image by gryffyn m

円 ~ En (circle) series

"En" means calmness, smoothness and perfection in Japanese.

I captured images that create these feelings within imperfect circles.


Progression of lines

Life drawing

Series of life drawing to experiment how line work might evolve to express the sense of time and movement



Conversation with inner self

Your subconsciousness informs what you see